Fee Schedule

Fees Schedule for Block Offer and Back Offices services
Escrow Account Prepaid Fees (Block Developer)
GBTB567391737Escrow Set-upOne-Time-Fee$50.00
GBTB567391738Escrow Bank Account FeeMonthly Fee:Duration Of The Offer$5.00
GBTB567391739ACH / BACS FeeOne-Time-Fee$0.50
GBTB567391740Credit Card FeeOne-Time-Fee$0.00
GBTB567391741Check FeeOne-Time-Fee$20.00
GBTB567391742Wire FeeOne-Time-Fee$15/$35
GBTB567391743ACH ExceptionsOne-Time-Fee$5.00
GBTB567391744Issuer(Offer Fee)One-Time-Fee$60.00
GBTB567391745Bank SurchargeMay Apply for checks returns, NSF's, etcFee Vary
GBTB567391746Legal FeesReimburse our Attorney Cost if/when redline, Form C or PPM draft requiredFee Vary
Bad Actor Checks**
GBTB567391747US Bad Actor Checks IndividualOne-Time-Fee per user$50.00
GBTB567391748US Bad Actor Checks EntityOne-Time-Fee per user$50.00
GBTB567391749International Bad Actor Check IndividualOne-Time-Fee per user$100.00
GBTB567391750International Bad Actor Check EntityOne-Time-Fee per user$170.00

Note - One time per issuer (BlockDeveloper) "covered person" per SEC regulations, not required if already done by attorney or broker-dealer.
GBTB567391751Cash ManagementCustodial Account0.0025/$4,000 cap*
GBTB567391752Funds Processing FeesOne-Time-Fee$0.50
GBTB567391753Check FeeOne-Time-Fee$10.00
GBTB567391754Wire FeeOne-Time-Fee$15/$35
GBTB567391755Credit/Debit Card FeeOne-Time-Fee2.9% + $.32
GBTB567391756US IndividualOne-Time-Fee$2.00
GBTB567391757US EntityOne-Time-Fee$5.00
GBTB567391758CA/UK IndividualOne-Time-Fee$100.00
GBTB567391759CA/UK EntityOne-Time-Fee$70.00
GBTB567391761Individual or EntityOne-Time-Fee$70.00
GBTB567391762Buy The Block Fee

Per Funded 

REG CF Offer ($0.01 to $1.07M)

REG D Offer ($0.01 to any amount)

4.5 %

Buy The Block costs include full legal and tax documentation, one legal shareholder, complete payment processing, company incorporation services and dedicated account manager. The total fee is only payable if a block offer successfully raises 100% of its funding target.  

Our due diligence team works hard to provide feedback within 168 hours from when you submit your offering. Make the recommended changes by due diligence. The whole process should be no longer than (13 days). On the 21st day, if you would like to continue, we will impose a $1,000.00 upfront fee to continue with your offer.  Remember, you are filing with the SEC and therefore should expect a couple of comments back and forth to make sure everything is correct and compliant.  If you wish to continue after that point, there will be a fee of $1,000.